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The keynote for creating the Skin to skin collection was the first contact between mother and child. Delicate gestures, warm, sensitive touch of the mother’s soft skin gives the newborn a sense of security in a new place. It was the first moments together that inspired us to design this unique collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Such jewelry will be a great gift for a young mother or a woman who is expecting a new family member soon.

Unique jewelry from the Skin to skin collection

Skin to skin jewelry is absolutely unique. All thanks to the imprints of fingerprints and leather in raw silver, which create unique patterns. A spectacular addition to the whole are subtly shimmering crystals of unique colors. If you dream about accessories other than all, which are characterized by precision and attention to the smallest detail, check which products are included in the Skin to skin jewelry collection.

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