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Magma is the hot heart of the Earth, moving matter that, when it comes to the surface, creates new forms and the basis for new life. Magma inspired the creation of a jewelry collection full of symbolism and hidden meanings.

The technique of making and setting the sunken stones is to remind about the hot heart of the Earth, about its natural rights to constant change, regardless of our expectations and constant habits. The Magma jewelry collection was made by the unique technique of embedding stones in individual models and subjecting them to hot silver treatment at a very high temperature of 1100 degrees C.

The colors of the stones bring us closer to the natural processes taking place on our planet every day. Magma is a matter created by nature closed in a modern form of jewelry.

Artistic silver necklaces, rings and bracelets have engraved sentences reminding us of creating divine light and turbulent matter as an inseparable whole of ourselves.

The collection was made and designed in the Motyle jewelry studio.

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