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Who chooses artistic jewelry?

W sklepach jubilerskich znaleźć można różne rodzaje biżuterii. W większości są to klasyczne srebrne lub złote ozdoby często dodatkowe zdobione kamieniami szlachetnymi i minerałami. Oprócz znanych w całej Polsce marek jubilerskich na rynku znaleźć można także projektantów i twórców tzw. biżuterii artystycznej. Mianem biżuterii artystycznej określa się ozdoby o nietuzinkowym charakterze, które wykonywane są ręcznie. Taka biżuteria definiuje właściciela i zdecydowanie wyróżnia się na tle klasycznych, ogólnodostępnych kompletów. Kto najczęściej sięga po biżuterię artystyczną? Na to pytanie odpowiadamy poniżej. (more…)

Is there a jewelry must-have good for every occasion?

Jewelery complements any outfit. Sometimes a minimalist set works well, which does not overwhelm it, and sometimes expressive ornaments that add character play the first violin. However, there are elements of jewelry that are so universal that they fit both on a daily basis and for great occasions. Thanks to the so-called base jewelry, you can create many unique styles using the same necklace or earrings. Want to know what kind of jewelry every woman should have? Check out the rest of this article, where we present a jewelry must-have. (more…)

Artistic jewelry studio butterflies

Motyle is an artistic jewelry studio, where we create jewelry from silver with true passion. Our regular collections are characterized by a different approach to jewelry than the traditional one, as we do not think of it as an item used only for decoration.

The unique character of the Butterflies brand is revealed in the expressive designs created based on the various inspirations and ideas behind each collection. Handmade and distinctive raw silver finish gives our jewelry an individual look.

The purpose of creating handmade silver jewelry Butterflies is to stimulate the imagination, break the stereotypical thinking and perception of the classic form that is earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. We want each piece of jewelry purchased from us to be an expression of the individual character of the person wearing Butterflies jewelry.

For whom do we create our original jewelry?

Our author’s silver jewelry are designs appreciated by bold people who seek original forms and content in jewelry. These are people who are not afraid to break their habits, who seek their own style and draw individual inner inspiration from jewelry.

The world around us, full of energy and emotions, is a journey in which we all take part. However, it is changing so fast that there are moments that we would like to feel and keep for a longer time to enjoy without interruption. Unique art jewelry given as a unique gift very often becomes a talisman for the recipient. It becomes a symbol of a particular moment and the feelings associated with that moment.

Handmade silver jewelry

We create each necklace, ring and signet ring from start to finish with our own hands, using only the highest quality raw materials. Handmade silver jewelry in our workshop is treated with various methods that allow to emphasize the uniqueness of the textures and shapes of the products.

In our work we use not only oxidation and rhodium plating, but also gold plating. We offer jewelry with natural stones and Swarovski crystals in a unique setting.

Custom silver jewelry

We also offer custom silver jewelry. Specially at the request of our customers, we can create personalized models for them: bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. After listening to your exact expectations, we create handcrafted designs of handmade silver jewelry. Once they are approved, we begin work. We use only the highest quality metal, gemstones and unique crystals to make custom silver jewelry.

We are not afraid of any challenges and reliably approach the ideas of our customers, which often provide us with great inspiration for the creation of further collections of Butterfly jewelry. Whether you dream of a necklace or ring with an engraving of a recording of a loved one’s heartbeat, or perhaps you dream of a bracelet or earrings that evoke a spring storm, we will do our best to make sure you get what you want.

Artistic jewelry online store

At our online art jewelry store, we focus heavily on offering customers designer handmade silver jewelry. We look for ideas for future collections in different places, circumstances and phenomena. We are often inspired by things that others would not even think of using. We try to reflect in our designs both the beauty of unusual sights and what we encounter every day.

We create our small works of art with passionate women in mind – those bold and determined, as well as romantic and delicate. If you appreciate original designs of handmade silver jewelry, original forms and intriguing textures decorated with dazzling crystals, you will certainly appreciate the designs of our: rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. In our online art jewelry store, we want to offer products that will inspire change and personal growth, while adding lots of positive energy.

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