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Black Oak - Spirit of forest

The Black Oak – Spirit of the Forest jewelry collection is an invitation to a beautiful journey, the roots of which go back to the distant past. The ancient people recognized the oak as a symbol of the divine power of nature, the element of male and female energy.



The Botanica jewelry collection is a tribute to the perfection of the plant world, its inexhaustible process of creating new species, shapes and colors.



Magma is the hot heart of the Earth, mobile matter that, after being extracted to the surface, creates new forms and the basis for new life.


Star People

The timeless power of our hearts and the desire to remind ourselves of our common uniqueness is the inspiration to create the original Star People jewelry collection.



The Constellation jewelry collection is our observation and admiration for the space that surrounds us and the magical depth of the night sky. Scattered stars form systems among themselves. Just choose your Constellation.



Author’s jewelry collection “Selene” inspired by magical selenite. This mineral is a kind of noble type of gypsum with an amazing pearly glow.


Marble Clouds

Marble, a symbol of eternity and perfect lightness of form, used in the most famous sculptures, today can become part of ourselves and our surrounding in everyday life.


Ocean of dreams

The inspiration for the creation of the jewelry collection was a symbolic pearl born in the depths of the Ocean in the depths of darkness, and when it emerges into the light of day, it begins to sparkle in the rays of light.



The Nefertiti jewelry collection is a tribute to the beauty of female maturity. Until recently, the fabulously beautiful ruler of Egypt was presented to us as a cult of impeccable ideal, youth and freshness.



A collection of jewelry inspired by the symbolism of monarchy associated with wisdom, strength, maturity and inner wealth. MONARCHY jewelry is a unity of royal shapes with a modern form, a combination of strength and delicacy.



A jewellery collection inspired by the aurora borealis, appearing unexpectedly in the night sky at the Earth’s poles. It creates an amazing phenomenon, flashing with different colours.


Cosmic love

The cosmos holds the mysteries of creation and existence. It has its own creative freedom. The cosmos is all that has existed and all that will exist. The Cosmic Love collection is a symbol of what surrounds us, as well as what we do not see …



A collection of jewelry with a message of freedom, love and healing. Inspired by the energy and nature of life. Words of old mantras written in necklaces and signet rings with natural stones: emerald, sapphire and ruby, closed with hand-cut perfectly clean rock crystal.


Art deco

The Art DECO jewelry collection, designed in the spirit of the old era, takes us to the world of interesting combinations of geometric forms and floral ornaments.



Unique jewelry for an active woman, which you will find in the Energia collection, was created from silver and delicate silk that adapt to you.


Moroccan Rose

The scent of roses spreading around El Kelaa M’gouna is very pleasant, but according to the locals, it is mainly to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits. “Maroccan rose” – the queen of flowers.



The TUAREG jewelry collection is inspired by the mysterious Berber people living in the Sahara. This tribe is characterized by fair skin and blue eyes, their appearance differs from the surrounding neighbors.


Star Dust

Stars are one of the most beautiful and important symbols of our world. How does the view of the starry sky during an evening walk make us feel?


Skin to skin

Tender touch, heartbeat, closeness – this is our first contact with the world right after birth. Skin-to-skin contact is a sense of security in a new, unknown world.

Artistic jewelry

Motyle Collections

Our regular collections are characterized by a different approach to jewelry than the traditional one, as we do not think of it as an item used only for decoration.

The unique character of the Motyle brand is revealed in the expressive designs created based on the various inspirations and ideas behind each collection. Handmade and distinctive raw silver finish gives our unique jewelry an individual look.

The purpose of creating artistic jewelry Motyle is to stimulate the imagination, break the stereotypical thinking and perception of the classic form that is earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. We want each piece of jewelry purchased from us to be an expression of the individual character of the person wearing Motyle jewelry.

Unique Butterfly Jewelry
Unique Butterfly Jewelry

Artistic jewelry


We create each necklace, ring and signet ring from start to finish with our own hands, using only the highest quality raw materials. Handmade jewelry made of the highest quality silver in our workshop is treated with various methods that allow to emphasize the uniqueness of the textures and shapes of the products.

Working with silver, we use not only oxidation and rhodium plating, but also gold plating, thanks to which we will also be appreciated by proponents of gold jewelry. We offer artistic jewelry with natural stones and Swarovski crystals in a unique setting.

Authentic silver jewelry

When creating designs for our original silver jewelry, we pay attention to the smallest details. We do our best to ensure that the products fully reflect the thoughts and imagination that went into our work. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that come out of our hands are small works of art that not only add expression to styling, but motivate, inspire and energize.

Exclusive jewelry

We offer exclusive jewelry to our customers. The inspirations that give us inspiration are absolutely unique, making the finished earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces unique and luxurious products. To make them even more elite, we use only the highest quality materials – crystals, top quality silver, natural stones and silk, and we manufacture each, individual piece by hand. This is how our exclusive jewelry is made.

Fashionable silver jewelry

We offer our customers fashionable silver jewelry. We try not to blindly follow trends and are guided rather by individuality, originality and originality of our products. However, we also make sure that they are fashionable. We offer both traditional and unusual shapes and textures. We add exclusivity to jewelry by placing beautiful, sparkling crystals.

Unique art jewelry

The unique art jewelry that is created in our studio is based primarily on custom, sublime inspirations. We seek inspiration in places others wouldn’t even think of. Through this we are able to create absolutely unique jewelry. Ancient mantras, the first contact between mother and child, the inside of a volcano or the birth of pearls have impressed us so much that we decided to create necklaces, bracelets and other accessories that enhance the beauty of these phenomena.