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The Nefertiti jewellery collection is a tribute to the beauty of female maturity.
Until recently, the fabulously beautiful ruler of Egypt has presented herself to us as a worship of flawless perfection, youth and freshness. Such an image has been around for thousands of years.
Today Nefertiti reveals her true self to us. Recent analysis of the bust showed that the queen had wrinkles and other signs of ageing, and it was this moment that Thutmose captured and showed us in his most famous image of her. For years, the bust was displayed in a semi-darkness that concealed the queen’s true character and image. Today, in full light, she shows us a new face, a true mature beauty.
Our jewellery collection features designs inspired by ancient Egyptian jewellery, including the first coins with a female image, scarab symbols and royal crystal colours. The collection was designed and made in our jewellery studio.
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