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The scent of roses spreading around El Kelaa M’gouna is very pleasant, but according to the locals, it is mainly to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits. Damask rose flowers are picked only by women, into special baskets to protect the petals from damage. It takes about 3 tonnes of petals to produce 1 kilogram of rose oil.
Our collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with a recreated rose texture in a modern style. The silver finish is characteristic of the Moroccan jewellery style, the raw silver emphasises here the shape of the rose. The collection is not only to stimulate the sense of smell, it is also to highlight and draw attention to the unique beauty of the rose.
“Maroccan rose” – the queen of flowers.
The Moroccan Rose collection is inspired by jewellery from Morocco – it imitates the texture of the Damask rose in a modern style. See the queen of flowers!

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