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Marble Clouds jewellery is a story of timeless space not affected by time and place.
We will transport you into the extremely harmonious space of the sky that is boundless, present always and forever.
Sky is a space that cannot be owned, it is all of us and none of us at the same time… it is freedom. The flowing clouds in the sky are a symbol of ourselves. We can observe them every day and they are never the same, just like our emotions. Full of creations and dreams.
The mission of the Marble Clouds jewellery brand is to tell the story of the harmony of the skies, which has inspired many painters, sculptors, architects and poets for centuries. The motifs hidden in Marble Clouds jewellery are timeless symbols which, no matter what times we live in, are and will be the basis for the creation of our imagination.
The Marble Clouds collection is our unique project in which, apart from timeless, antique forms and patterns, we used a stone rarely used in jewellery – marble.
Marble, a symbol of eternity and perfect lightness of form, used in the most famous sculptures, today can become part of ourselves and our surrounding in everyday life.
Each Marble Clouds jewellery necklace and ring has been handmade in Poland and comes with a brand warranty in the form of an engraved brand logo.
The jewellery is created from the highest quality 925 silver and marble.
Marble Clouds – we want true timeless beauty to exist in the modern world.

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