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The Botanica jewelry collection is a tribute to the perfection of the plant world, its inexhaustible process of creating new species, shapes and colors.
The only constant that we can expect in the world of plants is the constant process of changes in the creation of new colors and textures. Thanks to this variability and unlimited beauty, nature is a living trend in jewelry design.

Botanica is the beauty of natural stones

The world of plants is an inspiring, eternal source of creation. Observation of this process inspired the designer to create a collection where the color begins to smell.
Its intensity instinctively stimulates us to absorb fragrances like a colorful flower or fruit.

Botanica is an artistic collection of handmade necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in the organic texture of silver with natural colored stones such as agate, carnelian, amethyst, honey quartz and smoky quartz, which will stimulate the senses and open the imagination.

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