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The cosmos holds the mysteries of creation and existence. It has its own freedom to create. The cosmos is everything that has existed and everything that will exist.
The Cosmic Love collection is a symbol of what surrounds us and also of what we cannot see… But the fact that you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Sometimes, after all, it is even difficult to grasp the full meaning of what can be seen. To get closer to knowing cosmic mysteries and to feel the magic of the Universe, you should get to know Cosmic Love.
This jewellery collection was created for the life-giving Sun, without which there would be no life on Earth, the mysterious Moon, the dark side of which is always invisible, the invisible Black Planet TrES-2b, which is a truly alien world because the darkness that prevails there still hasn’t been explained by the intrigued researchers. Cosmic inspirations allowed us to create original and intriguing jewellery.
On the pieces of the collection – both those shimmering in royal gold and those with a graphite glow – we placed maxims referring to the various celestial bodies that inspired it. These maxims deepen the exceptionality and magic of the collection.
The Sun – “Turn your face to the Sun”
The Moon – “The dark side of the Moon is never visible from the Earth”
The Black Planet TrES-2b – “If you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist”
Feel the Cosmic Love, discover the beauty of the Universe and give Cosmic Love to yourself or someone you love.

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