Necklace from the Constellation collection

Necklace from the Constellation collection MSA2585




Constellation jewellery is a unique collection handmade in our studio. The collection was inspired by the magical space of the starry night sky.
The unique necklace combines original techniques of finishing the silver coating, that is: “antique silver” consisting of manual satin-finishing.
The satin brass plate features an engraved symbolic representation of a constellation corresponding to the zodiac signs. The dominant 3 stars are highlighted with a black crystal.
The brass plate was framed at the bottom with silver and at the top with a large transparent stone which diffuses light beams and beautifully illuminates the inside of the necklace.
The unique necklace features a special silver chain with an unusual weave.
Timeless design and monochromatic colours of the necklace make it a versatile addition to many year-round outfits.

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