Necklace from the Mantra collection

Necklace from the Mantra collection MG2590

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The MANTRA collection is inspired by the energy and nature of life. The collection with messages of freedom, love and healing. Words of old mantras are engraved deep into necklaces, bracelets and signets.

The artistic necklace was designed and made in our jewellery studio. The perfectly pure quartz hides the engraved words underneath: OM MANI PADME HUM – one of the most well-known and popular Buddhist mantras. This mantra helps to stop the racing thoughts, the constant chaos of the mind and to focus on the inner self. An addition to the mantra are cubic zirconia gems in the colours of the chakras.

The unique necklace makes an ideal combination with a ring from the same collection.

Completion date: up to 7 business days. Jewelry is delivered by a courier company UPS. Shipping cost from PLN 24. Orders worth over PLN 450 in Poland are sent at our expense.