Necklace from the Marble Clouds collection

Necklace from the Marble Clouds collection MCS2001

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The inspiration to create Marble Clouds jewellery was to immerse yourself in the harmony that comes from the timeless beauty of the expanse of the sky, untouched by time or place. This harmony has inspired painters, sculptors, architects and poets for centuries.

Unique silver necklace in the form of a wing from the SAHA jewellery collection is made in our own jewellery studio with the greatest attention to detail. The unique form of the necklace is an angel wing, its shape full of depth and space stimulates our imagination. The original technique of finishing the silver coating gives the necklace a timeless beauty.

Completion date: up to 7 business days. Jewelry is delivered by a courier company UPS. Shipping cost from PLN 24. Orders worth over PLN 450 in Poland are sent at our expense.