Necklace from the Ocean of dreams collection

Necklace from the Ocean of dreams collection MG2567

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The Ocean of Dreams jewellery collection is inspired by the mystery of a pearl being born in the darkness of the Ocean and its deep shine in the light of the rays of light. Exceptional, silver necklace with a selected, gorgeous pearl is handmade in our Motyle jewellery studio. The unique form of the face-shaped necklace works perfectly with the irregular shape of the pearl. The long necklace features an engraved silver plate with a message: “Use your head to live with heart” It makes a unique combination with the bracelet from the same collection.

Completion date: up to 7 business days. Jewelry is delivered by a courier company UPS. Shipping cost from PLN 24. Orders worth over PLN 450 in Poland are sent at our expense.

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