Necklace from the Skin to Skin collection

Necklace from the Skin to Skin collection MG2233

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The Skin To Skin collection is the result of cherishing the timeless emotions that accompany the birth of a child, the first tender skin-to-skin touch, moments filled with unique closeness.
The artistic necklace handmade in our own jewellery studio. This silver necklace is a perfect modern combination of the severity of the crystal’s geometry and the original technology of transferring the realistic skin texture on silver.
The original finishing of the silver coating allowed us to emphasise all the details, textures and softness of silver.
The unique form of the chain allows it to be worn at two lengths: 55 cm or 80 cm.
The monochromatic character and unique design make the necklace a perfect match for any outfit.

Completion date: up to 7 business days. Jewelry is delivered by a courier company UPS. Shipping cost from PLN 24. Orders worth over PLN 450 in Poland are sent at our expense.

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